Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adalyn at 4 months

I had a few minutes the other day to take some snapshots of Ady being herself. She is such a sweet and cute little girl. She is getting to be nice and round. She is sleeping great and a joy to wake up to in the morning because she is so excited when I come in the room. She squeals and kicks her arms and legs when she sees me peak over the crib. She is starting to giggle at the funniest things the best being when we tickle her on the collar bone. She is a little scared of Ethan because he can be rough at times, but he is getting better. She constantly has her hands clasped in front of her and frequently they pull out her bink and she attempts to put it back in, but her efforts are rarely successful! She is staring to grab toys that are hanging in front of her and reach for me when she wants me to pick her up. Best of all, she brings a lot of joy to our home. What a fun little princess!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hailey's HUGE catch!

Hailey reeling it in. Dan pulling it out of the water.

Look how big that is!

Dan and the kids.
E and papa
The worms!
This weekend my dad (Papa) came up to Pinedale for the long weekend. the one thing that he really wanted to do was go fishing with the kids. Saturday morning we headed out to Boulder Lake for a day of fun and excitement. We took up most of the day warding off the bees that were swarming the beach we were on. No luck with the fishing. Dan slipped on his swim shorts and waded out until he was chest deep and cast the poles out to see if we could have better luck. Quickly thereafter, we caught a tiny baby fish on my pole that we let go back. We left the poles and shot the guns for a while, not paying attention to the poles. Dan saw Hailey's pole moving out of the corner of his eye and Hailey ran over to reel in THE BIGGEST FISH EVER!!! The combination of lack of strength and the barbie fishing pole resulted in Dan wading out into the water to get the fish. When he pulled it ou of the water WE WERE SHOCKED!!! The fish had somehow gotten snagged by Hailey's pole and tangled itself in in my line. It didn't even fight as she reeled it in. We think that it must have been out there fighting for a while. It was 4 lbs. and 20 inches long. That beats all of our records for lake trout! She was thrilled about the catch and talked about it all day at church. We ate it for dinner tonight and it fed 3 adults and 2 kids with leftovers. What a great weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ethan's first day of Preschool

Thursday was Ethan's first day of Preschool. Myself and 4 other moms where we live got together and we are doing Joyschool for our little guys. Preschool is ridiculously expensive here, so we decided just to take care of it ourselves. It has been a fun summer preparing the lessons and gathering the supplies for it. Ethan has been waiting since Adalyn was born to go to preschool. He really thinks that he is a big boy. It was not my day to teach, but it was my day to be the helper. It was so much fun to see Ethan interact in that setting with the other kids. He is he youngest (but biggest ha ha) child in the group. He had a few struggles that he needed mom for, but held his own for most of the time. They playes with playdough and made crayon shaving pictures. They also did show and tell. Ethan took Hailey's big book of fairytales book (I know he is a boy). He wanted to show everyone the stories with the big bad wolf in them. He has loved the big bad wolf since last Halloween when that is what he dressed up as. He even told the other kids "This is a story about me because I am the big bad wolf." How stinking cute is he? This little man and I have grown even closer this week as Hailey went off to Kindergarten and I have loved it. I am looking forward to the next couple of years that he and I will have together before he to grows up and goes to Kindergarten too. I sure hope that day doe snot come as quick as it did with Hailey!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st day of school

Yesterday was Hailey's first day of Kindergarten. She was so excited for the day! The night before she picked out her favorite outfit to wear to the first day of school down to what socks and bow she wanted. It was really cute. We took some pictures at home of her with each of us. (Dan has been sick with strep, so he stayed a little further away) We jumped in the car and I asked Hailey if she needed help with her seat belt and she said, "No mom I am a kindergartner I do not need help." When we got to school Hailey was very excited to be there.. I was not. I have been dreading this day for a while now and so has Ethan. I am truly excited for her, but sad that I will not get to see her as much as I have always been able. I was doing fine walking down the hall until a friend says... "Are you ready for this?" That was all that I needed for the tears to start flowing! Hailey didn't notice me crying which was nice. She was skipping off into her classroom when I grabbed her arm for one last goodbye hug and kiss... unfortunately I gouged her arm with my fingernail and made her bleed! That is when she started to cry! After a few minutes of tender loves and reassurance from her teacher, she was ready to go. Ethan and I came back to spend the lunch hour with her. It was fun to see her be so independent as she took the lunch tray through the line. When I picked her up from school she ran to me with a big smile and told me about the 3 recesses that she had, the friends she met and the art project that she did. I sure love this little girl. She is growing up so fast!

Hailey ready to go out the door to school!

Outside the classroom waiting for the bell to ring!
We tried to get a good picture outside of the school but the sun was in a bad spot... she is still cute though!
Hailey at her first school lunch. Corndogs, YUM!