Friday, July 31, 2009

Blueberry Jam

Yesterday the kids and I conquered blueberry Jam. Blueberries were on a fabulous sale at the grocery store ($4.99 for 2lbs)so we had to snag some up for Jam and to freeze (does anyone else love to eat frozen blueberries? YUM!). It started out just Hailey and I on the first batch. She is a great helper because she understands the concepts of patience, things are HOT and things need to be measured. Shortly after we started, Ethan joined the party followed by Ady. There were no major tragedies except for Ethan pouring 6 cups of sugar on the dirty floor instead of in the pan.. it was a close miss. He was fervently sorry about it and insisted on remeasuring all of the sugar himself to make up for it. I am not quite sure how much under or over 6cups we were! It was really a lot of fun and everyone was stoked to get to try our jam as soon as it cooled down. Luckily, all of my jars sealed. The most memorable part of the afternoon was when Ady fell asleep amid all of the commotion on Hailey's lap without even making a peep. She is sure a sweet little baby!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week in Review

What we did this week:
Monday: Spend the day at Sandy Beach
Monday Night: FHE at the Lake for fishing
Tuesday: Spend the day at Sandy Beach and celebrate Ady's 2 month Birthday
Wednesday: Spend the day at the Beach
Thursday: Clean the house up from the neglect it has had the rest of the week.. NO go to see The Shaggy Dog at the free movie, then go to Sandy Beach for the afternoon.
Friday: Pack Dan for his backpacking trip and Play in the sprinklers all afternoon.

Summertime is not meant for taking responsibility at this house. Pinedale has the most perfect weather during the summer... 80-90 degrees and NO wind (most of the time). There is a perfect Beach at Fremont Lake for the kids to play at and the moms to sit and chat(and get a nice looking tan). You can go anytime and there is always someone there to play with. There are very few places that my kids BEG to go day after day, but when I ask what should we do today? They always respond "Lets go to the Beach!" How can I say no! Hailey loves to play on the tubes and floating toys in the water and "swim" in the lake with her life jaket on. She really thinks that she is swimming all by herself. Ethan sepnds most of the day digging in the sand, making trenches with the other boys and climbing on the tipped over trees. Ady generally sleeps through most of it, but when she wakes up she sits under the umbrella talking away. I think that she enjoys it as much as the rest of us. On Monday evening we went up to the upper boat dock at the lake to take in some fishing, hot dog cooking and smore making. We had the best luck we have ever had with a fish practically every time that any of us cast out our poles! We ended up letting all of them back because they were so small and the kids kept telling us that they were baby fish that needed to get back to their mommies. (Cute!) Ady turned 2 months old on Tuesday. She is growing SOOO fast it is amazing. She is talking alot and looking at us when she hears our voice. She loves to lie under our baby toys and kick it so it will flash and make sounds. She is still sleeping great and only waking up once at night around 4:00am. Dan is leaving bright and early Monday Morning to go on a 6 day backpacking trip with the Boys Scouts.. LUCKY! Then, the day after fe gets back he leaves to go to Alaska... WAY LUCKY!! The kids and I will probably have a week next week much like we did this week to fill the time while dad is gone and then we are headed to MOAB!! Whooo hoooo! I am so excited for the rest of the summer!
Ethan and Ethan Kemp digging in the sand.
Ethan and Lincoln sitting on the tree.

Ady sleeping on the blanket at the Beach.
Ethan getting water in his bucket to fill up his trench!
Hailey and the girls at the beach!
Hailey and Toree looking at the ladybug they caught.

Ady chilling under the umbrella.

Jordyn diggin into her birthday cupcakes.

FHE at the Lake

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dan and Public Restrooms

I have to preface this story by telling all of you that Dan HATES public bathrooms. I do not love them, but he absolutely HATES them. He is a tad of a germophobe. He went to the store last night with Hailey and Ethan. Before he left, he made both of them go to the bathroom at home so that they would not go at the store.. (haha) They had been at the store maybe five minutes and the following incident unfolded:
Ethan: "Daddy I neea go peepee."
Dan:" You just went at home Ethan you do not need to go. You can wait until we get back home."
Ethan "ok dad."

Five minutes later:
Hailey: "Dad I need to go pee."
Dan: "Can you please wait until we get home?"
Hailey: "Sure I guess."
Ethan: "Daddy I a gonna poo poo in me pants."
Dan: " Okay guys lets go to the bathroom." (In complete disgust. Does he not realize yet after three kids that they have to pee in every public place that you enter?)

They proceed to go the the bathroom and Dan heads to the stall to help Hailey first. After he gets her situated, he goes to help Ethan.
Ethan: "Daddy I pee on my shurs."
Dan: "How did you pee on your shirt son? You need to aim your pee into the potty not at your shoes."
Ethan: "No daddy I pee on my shurs, see look it's wet."
Dan: "Oh you peed on your shirt? How did you manage that?" (In a slightly frustrated voice)
Ethan:(Almost in tears)"But daddy I pee on me fohed to."
Dan: "what? You peed on your forehead?"
Ethan: "Ya, Can you change a my shurs?"
Dan: "I don't have another shirt for you buddy, it will be fine. It will dry."
Ethan: "But daddy it's dudy (dirty) with pee pee."
Dan: "Sorry I will clean you up the best I can and then we will change it when we get home."
Ethan: "what about me forhed?"
Dan: "We can wash it."
Ethan: "okay daddy."

After cleaning up and eventually getting out of the bathroom Dan and the kids run into several people in the store that we know and Ethan proceeds to tell them with a smile.. "I pee on my shurs in the bathroom!" Dan would quickly move along so that he would not tell them that he peed on his shirt and forehead in the bathroom. Most people thought that he was just saying that he peed on his shoes. Being the parents of a 3 year old little boy is wonderful and entertaining at the same time. I cannot imagine what life would be like with out him! And just so you know, he never went poo poo or finished peeing all of the way because he was so distraught about the incident. They ended up going back to the bathroom before coming home so that he could actually take care of business!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazing pictures by Amy

I am just going to give a little plug to Amy for these fabulous pictures that she took of Adalyn. She has her own little photography buisness that is starting to take off. I was so impressed with our session with Adalyn, I thought that I should tell all of you about it that live in Pinedale. We were there for 2 hours and these are just a few of the great photos that came out of it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Blessing

This past Sunday was Adalyn's baby blessing. We had quite a few visitors come up for the weekend to join us for the fantastic event!! Saturday (the fourth of July!) we all went up to Meadow Lake to ride 4 wheelers and have a camp fire. The most exciting events of the day included Ethan taking on the rugged terrain on Hailey's 4 wheeler (he hasn't quite mastered the skill of riding on a 4 wheeler yet) and re- inventing the smore. The winner clearly was the marshmallow-carmello-marshmallow method over the fire then placed on crackers.. always fabulous! Sunday of course was wonderful as we were joined by Dan's grandma and grandpa stubbs for the day. They drove from Bountiful and back in one day. What troopers. We were really glad to see them! After a great weekend our house felt a little empty when the last visitors left on Sunday afternoon. We would do it again this weekend if we could!