Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Pictures

We had a great time getting our family pictures done with Amy. She is the same one that did the newborn pictures of Adalyn. It was definatley last a minute thought as I called her on a Monday and scheduled us for Wednesday. She was so nice to squeeze us in so that they could be back in time for Christmas. We headed out to an old barn house in Boulder for the pictures and the setting us exactly what we were looking for. Our favorites were infront of the barn itself and also on an old rusted green truck that was out in the field. It was a little chilly that day so Ady only lasted through about half of the pictures. She also had a face plant into the dirt that was really the last straw for her. But she did great as did Hailey and Ethan!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

You better believe it, Dan is 30!! I never thought the day would come that one of us left our 20's. It just means that we are becoming much wiser with each passing year! I asked Dan what he wanted for his birthday (thinking that he would say a date night or something well planned). The answer was simple though, homemade pumpkin pie and a night at home with the family. So that is exactly what he got! He has had a lot of really long days at work so a little rest and relaxation is just what he needed. Happy Birthday Dan!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Divorce Deer

Imagine this: Your husband and his buddy decide at church that YOU are going to make dinner for everyone on Tuesday so the husbands can split wood together after. You kindly agree because you want nothing to do with splitting of the wood. Keep in mind that your husband planed the evening. Guests are to arrive at 5:30 with dinner at 6:00 (all planned by your husband.) The day comes and you expect that everyone is on the same page about dinner. Your friends arrive on time but your husband is running late. He is the one who is supposed to be grilling the fish for dinner so you start getting a little nervous. So, you call your husband and he says he is on his way home and that work was running a little late but he will be there shortly. 20 minutes later, no husband. So, you call him again he says, "I will call you right back I just shot a deer." What?!?!? I instantly get upset. I try to maintain my composure because we have friends over but I am not happy with him. 10 min. later he calls you back and says, "I am on my way home I will be there in 15 minutes can you start dinner for me?" I fired up the grill and threw on the fish but my unhappiness was obvious. When he got home I told him just what I thought about his little side trek on the way home. He was sorry about it but really proud of his deer. He took the kids and the other husband outside to see it. Hailey came back in and said, "mom it's a baby deer." I never went out and saw it but the pictures show the proof that this deer really was small! I cooled off and we ate dinner with our friends. I jokingly named this deer divorce deer not because I was really that mad but because but because I needed a good name for this story. Divorce deer has become quite a joke in our family. The best part about this "baby deer" was that when Dan took it in to get processed they only charged him for and antelope because it was so small!
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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I love planning something fun for all us to wear that has some sort of theme to it. This year Hailey really wanted to be Daphnie from Scooby-Doo. It was the perfect start to a fun costume for all of us. Hailey was Daphnie, Ethan was Fred, Adalyn was Scooby, Dan was Shaggy and I was Velma. The first event of the holiday was a party at Amy Scharf's house that Ethan, Ady and I attended. Amy decorated with her fabulous taste and made some scary yummy Halloween treats! The day of Halloween we went to Hailey's class party at school. There just happened to be 2 other girls dressed as Daphne's in her class! Popular choice!! We rounded out the night with a trip to the ward party. We were the hit of the party!

Hailey super cute as Daphne. Also a picture of her class and the 2 other Daphne's!
Ethan rocking the coolest wig as Fred. Dan was also awesome with the not so shaggy wig and fake facial hair. (A little Chester Molester if you ask me!) The facial hair kept falling off! I loved my Velma and Ady's Scooby out fit. They really rounded out the family!
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