Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Pinedale WY?

I have had many of you ask me why we chose to come to Wyoming. I have often thought about what brought us here and why we left what we had back in Utah. I do have to say that I REALLY miss Utah and the warm weather (haha). BUT with the economic situation that our country is in right now, I think that ABC news may have answered that lingering question for me. Last night, they did a short segment on Pinedale and how it has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. I do have to say that I feel blessed to be here. AND if any of you are looking for work, all that they say in the story about Job Opportunity is true! Follow this link to watch the news clip

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hailey's Preschool Program

Last week Hailey had her end of year preschool program (school doesn't end until june they just did it a little early). She was really excited to go and sing all of the fun songs for us that they have learned this year. She is so hilarious! Here are a few videos and pictures from the night! The Pledge of Allegiance
Boom chicka rocka
There's something in my pocket
Hello Neighbor

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rest of the Moab trip

We had a fabulous time in Moab despite the little mishap on the FIRST DAY. Luckily, The truck is fixed with NO $$ out of pocket from us (thank you warranty!) We had so much fun on the trails this year with our family. There were more kids this year than normal which made it really enjoyable to all the little ones. This picture is of my dad with the kids. We went and visited him because he just got his new prosthetic leg that he has been waiting for since November. The kids thought that it was awesome and attempted to wear it all over the place.
Hailey and Sammy waiting for the Boys to get a vehicle through an obstacle.
Ethan and Tar Tar enjoying the great outdoors.
The Crew during a little stop on the trail.
Josh and Tar.
Hailey's favorite place to ride is always with Uncle Ryan.
All of the cars at the top of Fins and things (This would be moments before Dan's Big Break)
Ethan waiting for Grandpa to fix the scout.
Ethan playing soccer with Grandma and Uncle Travis.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I told you SO!!!

We went on a Fabulous trip to Moab this weekend for the annual Jeep Safari! It is something that WE love to do with Dan's family. I will post pictures of everything else later, but I had to post these pictures of what happened THE FIRST DAY ON THE FIRST TRAIL. I hope that all of you realize that I am writing this post on Friday afternoon while my husband makes repairs to our brand new truck! So Here is how the story goes..... We were headed up this small obstacle on Fins and Things. While Dan was going up to we heard a little pop (pops of any sort are NOT GOOD when on a trail). We looked and didn't see anything wrong and didn't think much of it. So we continued on. The next obstacle that we came to has been Dan's menace for many years because the last time we attempted it in our Tahoe, we were not successful. It is just hard if you have a long vehicle..hmmmm. So, the wise wife(me) says to her husband (Dan) "Maybe we shouldn't try this one this year because your truck is longer than the Tahoe and I am afraid that we are going to end up in a bad situation with the truck and I really DO NOT WANT to pay for it." Husband says, "I will never know if I can get up it in my truck if I do not try it." Good nice wife says "Okay if you really want to try, but be careful. I think that I will get out an watch." Husband says, "Am I going to hit? I think that I am to long." hmmmm (This probably would be a good time to back out honey and not go any further, but that did not happen because I did not say anything.) Watch this video to find out what happened next. Watch the front left tire and just remember that popping is not good!
Dan broke his CV axle. Which is basically the mechanism that allows your vehicle to go into 4WD. BUMMER!! You cannot be in Moab going on Jeep Safari without 4WD. Luckily it is not a horrible thing to break because you can still drive the vehicle it is just only 2 WD! It took about 45 minutes of repairs to make it in driving shape and then we were off. Dan with his broken part. Well, part of it. This is proof that he was to long to fit. The white mark on the rocks is from Dan's Hitch.

Last, Andy had to tow Dan out of the trail because he no longer had 4WD. This was a very prideful moment for Andy.
I just have to tell all of you that I was the nice kind wife and did not say a word to Dan after it happened until we were driving back and he was over it. All in all I think that we made it out well!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Queen for the day

As many of you know, Hailey went to dance competition this past weekend. We had a great time with the entire experience. She was VERY excited to go and the results were great. I was worried that she would be scared or nervous.. but she was not!! She was so excited she almost didn't know how to contain herself. She wanted to get ready over 3 hours early!! She also got to sit and watch her BFF Lainey do her solo and get her award before she went. We intentionally entered them in different categories so that they would not have to compete against each other. This first picture is of Hailey waiting for her turn to go on with her Grandma Leigh (Dan's mom). She insisted that grandma take her over there (thanks grandma I know that it made you nervous!) The next one is of Hailey chatting it up with the lane judge while waiting for her name to be called (She actually started walking on before her name was even called!). The next one is of Hailey waiting at the awards ceremony saying, "I won, I won!". The last one is of Hailey with her TROPHY. She won Queen!!! How fun and exciting for her at her first competition. I think that dance competitions are going to be something that we continue to do for a while because you all know how much I love them and know Hailey loves them to!! I am thrilled for my little girl to start dancing in competitions more regularly because she loves it. Thanks to Abby for making us go with her and her sisters and for Miss Neika for the FABULOUS dance from class last year! I also put a video of her solo on here for all of you to see.