Friday, August 20, 2010

Funny moments of a child

I have been trying to record not only moments that are photographed, but ones that just happen. The kids and I were headed down to flaming gorge to meet up with the Stubbs side of the Family. Dan was in Houston for the first couple of days during the trip so this little conversation happened with only me to witness. Hailey, "Mom there is the PUS guy. I wonder if he is taking something to our house. Lets go home and see if there is something there for us." (At this point we are 1.5 hours away from home) Ethan, " Oh man your right Hailey the 2BS is headed straight toward our house we should go back." (HELLO we are headed to go boating!) Hailey, "Oh my gosh mom did you just hear what Ethan called the PUS guy? 2BS! He is so hilarious I am so glad that I can read." I have a silent outburst in my own mind. We get to the gorge and Hailey proceeds to tell EVERYONE she sees about how funny her brother is and how some day he will be as smart as her and be able to read. The innocence of a child!