Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Zoo

We went to Salt Lake this past weekend to visit our new niece Brooklyn that was born on March 15th! Some how I managed to not make it home with any pictures of her, but plenty of pictures from our trip to the Hoagle Zoo! Dan flew home early from Denver so that we could make a day trip to the Zoo on Friday. It was a great day about 65 degrees and sunny. What a change from our still freezing temps in Pinedale! Hailey was so excited about going and Ethan was not really sure what to expect. All that Hailey wanted to do was skip everything else and go straight to the penguins and giraffes! Ethan could have stayed at each animal for hours just looking at what they were doing. Unfortunately Dan had hurt his back while in Denver (old man syndrome, he is about to turn 30!), so the trip for him was not was fun. He was a trooper though and tried to act like he was fine. People at the zoo had no idea that he was in massive amounts of pain because they kept giving him bad looks for letting his pregnant wife carry the backpack and push the stroller at the same time. He sincerely tried, but could not do it. The event of the day was while we were watching the giraffes one of them tried to eat a branch off of a tree that was way to far away and wrapped his tongue around it and tried to pull it down. You can see how long it was in the picture! All in all we had a wonderful time at the Zoo and couldn't have asked for a more fun time! Oh, and dad there is a picture of me with the kids so that you can see my prego belly!