Thursday, September 11, 2008

That's right, Ethan's first big catch!

Dan took the kids fishing last weekend before he went to Houston for 2 weeks. While they were out Ethan actually caught a fish on his Spiderman fishing pole! The fish wasn't huge, but it was large enough that his little pole couldn't reel it in! So, Dan had to pull it in by the line. He was fairly timid about holding it, so there were NO pictures of him at the lake holding it because he was to scared of it moving. The best part was when Dan went to gut the fish Ethan was devastated.
Ethan: "Daddy NO! My fishy!" while getting a little upset.
Dan:"Ethan it's okay buddy I have to do this so that we can eat it for dinner."
Ethan:"No fishy, No fishy...MINE daddy MINE." the tears beginning to fall.
Dan:"It's okay Ethan why don't you come and help me."
Ethan (tears flowing): "No, no, no daddy my fishy. Please my fishy."
Dan got it all cleaned up and put the kids in the car and Ethan fell asleep on the way home. When he woke up, Dan was gone a he started to sob while saying words that I did not understand. He wanted his fishy. So, me being kind of nice pulled it out of the freezer to show him that we still had it. He wanted to hold it and so I took a few pictures of his happy face. He was VERY proud of himself.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Take a guess

What do you think is on the other end of Ethan's fishing pole? To be contunued....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Giddy up cowboy!

The same day that Hailey started preschool we went to our friend Kelly's house and she let the kids ride her little miniature pony(I know that there is a technical name, but I have no idea what it is). The pony was so nice and easy with the kids, even Ethan was daring enough to get on Dara. They even got the chance to feed their other horses. I just have to say thanks to Kelly for taking my kids around her yard so many times they had a blast!

The first Day of Preschool

I am sad to say that Tuesday was Hailey's first day of preschool. I think that I had more sadness about the day than I would like to admit! She ran out when I got there to pick her up and said "Mom I had so much fun! I did so many things. But, I think that I can just stay home from school. I don't need to go anymore!" Luckily I bribed her to go on Thursday and she loved it even more.