Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Fireplace and the first snow of the winter

This past week we finally got our fireplace put in. It is SOOOOO cold here in the winter that without it, we are paying WAY TO MUCH for electricity (yes our house is all electricity). We don't get natural gas in our area. So, we put in a fireplace ourselves. Next year we will do some rock and pretty stuff around it, but we just did n't have time to do it if we wanted to get it in before the first snow happened, which was TODAY!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Month in review

This month has been CRAZY! My sister in law told me that I need to update all of you on what has been happening in the last month. So here it goes!
Hailey first day of dance class this year. She was so excited to get back to dance class. She also started gymnastics, but she wouldn't let me take a picture of her that day!

The coolest double rainbow on our road trip to Moab.

Our fun day out with the family on a jeeping trail in Moab!

Happy Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa in Moab!

A quick stop on the way home to say Hi to our favorite cousin and Niece Karlee!

Dan and the kids trying to teach tiger how to be a horse instead of a dog.

Hailey caught her first fish on her barbie fishing pole.

Homecoming 2008! GO WRANGLERS! Hailey was in the parade with her preschool and she and her friend Lainey actually thought that they were the cheerleaders! (There are NO real cheerleaders in pinedale)

Last, but no least, we are potty training Ethan! He is doing wonderful and I hope that it continues to go well!