Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Entertainment

Friday nights at our house can be pretty entertaining with two little kiddos. The kids wanted us to turn music on for them to "jam to" and these 2 videos are the results! I would just like all of you to note how Ethan tries to copy EVERYTHING that Hailey is doing. Also note the hip shaking on our princess, where did that come from? Grandma's and Grandpa's we hope that you enjoy these because they are a little bit long! Oh and sorry about Ethan in the underwear. We are re-potty training after the holidays and pants just get in the way. Remember to turn the music off on the bottom of the page before you watch the video!

Sand dunes in Moab

We went to Moab AGAIN this last weekend for some MORE family fun! We ended up most of the weekend at the sand dunes riding four wheelers, motorcycles and the rhino! The kids had a blast with their Uncle Jason and cousins. Besides Christina pushing Ethan out of the truck and Jason hitting on Ryan's woman, the trip was a success!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a ..........

After all of our long traveling experiences this past month, we have made ONE last short trip. It was well worth the time! Dan, Hailey, Ethan and I headed up to Jackson Hole yesterday for my 20 week appointment and ultrasound. (Yes, my Dr. is 90 miles away!) I was hoping that I could still hold Dan off from wanting to find out the sex of the baby, but he was NOT excited about waiting until May to find out. Plus, we had differing opinions on the sex, so he wanted to know for sure. The kids and I all thought that we were having a baby girl. Dan on the other hand thought that we were for sure having a baby boy. So, we made a simple bet. If I won, Dan had to do the dishes for the rest of the week. If he won.. well we probably shouldn't say :)! Anyway, I am now out of doing dishes for the next week! We are having another sweet baby GIRL!. We are very excited and can't wait for our newest addition this may.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wyoming Winter Snow.

AS most of you know, we live in cold snowy country. The wind blows and the weather is stinky during the winter. We had the WORST winter storm we have seen yet over the Christmas holiday and came home to quite a mess at our house. It stormed all day Christmas and we were afraid that we weren't going to be able to get out of the neighborhood the next day to leave for vacation. Dan woke up at 5 am and decided to make a trial run out of the neighborhood to see if we could make it out safely. As he left he said "Call our neighbor to come and rescue me if I am not back in an hour." About 59 minutes later Dan returned with the decision that we could make it out even though he get stuck multiple times during his attempt. Keep in mind it should only take him 20 minutes to make the round trip out of the neighborhood. So, we loaded up the children in the -20 storm and headed out for the wildest adventure of our lives. The tracks that Dan created were covered by the time we left, so it was a blind shot. We ended up in the ditch with no visibility and no sight of where we were on the road. So, me being brave and not afraid to the -35 wind chill stuck my head out the window and saw a glimpse of a green road sign and told my husband to go for it. As we were 4 feet deep in snow and praying that we would make it out I thought to myself, what on Earth are we doing? After getting stuck multiple times and my awesome husband working us out, we made it to the highway in just over an hour. It was the longest 2 miles of my life, but it was loads of fun!! The following Sunday we got a call from out neighbor and he said that no one got out of the neighborhood until the plows came that Friday afternoon. I can believe it! He also suggested that we call someone with heavy equipment to plow our driveway because we had huge drifts that had built up (thank you Wyoming wind). Dan decided that he could clear it up with the plow on our 4-wheeler and it should be no big deal because nothing that bad had ever come. As you can see from the pictures.. It was BAD! Our truck made it about half way up the driveway before the snow was way to deep for us to go any further. We got home at 1am and we each took a kid and made the trek up to the house. After church the next day, Dan spent the afternoon and evening trying to get all of the snow plowed out of the driveway with our plow. He was successful,cold, and frustrated, but we can again drive up and down our road. We also included a great picture of our swing set that is now buried for the winter! I love Wyoming!

Welcome home uncle Jason!!!

It has been almost a week now since Dan's little brother Jason returned home from his mission. He served for 2 years in the Michigan Detroit Mission (scary!) The whole Stubbs clan showed up of the occasion at the airport in Grand Junction, Colorado. He was a little nervous like normal, but warmed up pretty quick. The kids were a little hesitant at first (especially Ethan and our niece Karlee), they were just little tykes when he left. Ethan was barely 6 months and Karlee was 3 months, so they didn't remember him at all. Hailey was a little shy at first (if you can even believe that!), but quickly ran over to him after everyone was done and laid a big smooch right on those missionary lips. Ethan warmed up to him after he sat by him at lunch at Chilli's. They sword fought with their knives and Jason watched as Ethan attempted to cut everything in sight with his butter knife. We headed back to Moab and had a fun filled New Years Eve with the fam. Way to go Jason, we are really proud of you! We are glad to see you home safe and sound.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pheasant Hunting

We have many events over the month on December to catch up on blogging, so you will all be seeing a wonderful array of new posts over the next few days while I catch up. While we out and about in Moab Dan, his dad and the bro's took a day to go pheasant hunting near Green River. It has become kind of an after Christmas tradition for all of them to go. They go up to a pheasant farm "for members only". They provide guides, dogs and lots of birds to shoot. The dogs are really well trained and chase the birds out for you to shoot. After you have satisfied your need (at $20 per bird it comes quickly!) they provide you with a yummy lunch and send you on your way. They were gone from about 7:00am until 4:00pm. The kids and I stayed back with my sister in law Tawnie, my niece Karlee and my mother in law Leigh. We had a great day together playing with the kids and having a lunch out at the Moab Diner! As you can see the boys had tons of fun and caught way to many birds. They can't wait for next year!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shooting in Moab

While we were on our vacation in Moab, we took the kids out to shoot their new Christmas guns. As you can see Dan was educating the kids on proper gun technique and safety. Ethan was not interested in anything but pulling that trigger! My dad accompanied us along with Dan's little brother Josh. It was quite a bit of fun shooting up the pumpkins from Dan's parents garden. Dan and Josh also got new guns for Christmas that they wanted to try out on the pumpkin patch. We didn't last long though because the kids got cold and we were all ready to go home and warm up!

Christmas Day

Christmas always starts out on Christmas eve when we get to open our Christmas P.J.'s. The kids haven't realized the trend yet so the think that they are getting something really cool until they open P.J.'s. I was surprised when they were both thrilled with what they opened. They both especially enjoyed the slippers!
Hailey had a hard time going to sleep because she just wanted to get a sneak peak at Santa while he was putting out the presents. She promised that she would not look at the presents. I had to finally lay in bed with her and sing her songs for over an hour so that she would go to sleep! Ethan woke up first and walked right past the Santa gifts to the bedroom and didn't even remember it was Christmas morning! UNTIL Hailey woke up and started saying "Oh my gosh Santa is awesome!" Ethan then proceeded to run as fast he could into the living room to catch a glimpse at what he had also gotten. The first present that they got from us (well Dan really) was little kid sized 22 guns. I know what some of you are thinking, but they were SO excited about their new gun ownership!! Unfortunately it snowed ALL day on Christmas, so we didn't even get to try them out until our trip to Moab! They both proceeded to open the rest of their gifts shoes, clothes and other fun stuff.
Hailey ended up with a bunch of littlest pet shop and Ethan with a new parking garage for his cars. That was the biggest hit on Christmas day. They played with it for hours on Christmas morning! After all of our presents were opened one by one, we started making the Stubbs famous Christmas Crepes. Nothing is better on Christmas morning than the best crepes in the world with a sausage link wrapped inside and topped with strawberries and REAL whipped cream. AHHHH... Yum, yum. The rest of our fun day was packed with playing games, new toys and packing the truck for our trek back to Moab for a long Christmas vacation.