Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been picture tagged!

My cousin Angie picture tagged me on my blog and here is how you play:

1. go to your my document/my pictures

2. go to your sixth file

3. go to your sixth picture

4. blog about it

5. tag six people

So this is what I got from my 6th file and 6th picture:

To explain, all of the pictures on my computer are labeled by date starting with the lowest number. This cute newborn picture of Hailey came up as the picture. She was maybe a week old in this picture and absolutely loved her swing. The only problem was, she had NO control over her head. So, we had to pad her with blankets so that she looked semi-comfortable. She was such a small little princess it is crazy to look back and remember what she looked like.

I tag Tawnie, Anne, Jasmine, Cassie, Erika and Abby

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day and homemade cinnamon rolls!

I thought that it would be sooo nice to treat my family to a yummy batch of homemade cinnamon rolls on Valentines Day. It started off with me by myself, but soon turned into a family affair! Everyone wanted to join when we started rolling out the dough and adding the cinnamon, brown sugar and sugar mixture. The kids thought that it was so much fun spreading the yummy stuff around on the dough!
Hailey continued to play in the sugar while Dan and Ethan marked off 2 inch rolls for me to cut! This is the rolls pre-rise. The kids were going crazy because they didn't realize that we had to still let them rise an hour before we could cook them! The rolls post rise, which actually took 15 minutes extra. This was the stage of complete agony... still 20 more minutes.. how long is this going to take???

The kids watched the rolls the entire time that they were in the oven. You would think that we never feed these poor children! The semi-finished product..... I was not willing to sacrifice my hot from the oven newly frosted cinnamon roll for a picture taking moment! This recipe was absolutely fantastic! In fact, I am making another batch today because we just couldn't get enough of the giant yummy sweet rolls.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A tribute to the bro's Part 1

To start, this is my first official posting as a blogger, yes this is Dan. I am going to start doing a weekly tribute to the Bro's, a look back at how cool we used to be. A little history, I dug these out of my old mission book today I don't remember what dance we were going to. I believe it was the spring of 1998, yes almost 11 years ago. This picture was taken in our South Jordan living room. If I remember right it was Andy and Ryan's first High School Dance and my last one; Andy and Ryan were trying to make a lasting(forever) impression and wow they did it. This really brings back memories of how big of studs we were, and still are. I especially think Ryan hasn't changed much. I bet everybody else would agree with that. The glasses are a classic, I am sure Ryan is thankful that contacts have been invented since then so that people don't have to wear such fashionable spectacles. His Erkle pants are also quite classic I love the fact that his suspenders are cinched so tight that his pants are ridding his belly button line. If you were a parent what would you think when this young man picked up your daughter for at date? "Whew I was worried my daughter was going out with the school jock, but instead I got the chess champion, boy do I feel relieved". On the other hand there was Andy and I, both of us with deep fashion sense me with my "Lady killing" smiley faced tie and suspenders and Andy with his suave smile and his debonair hair. What really has changed? I still have the tie and suspenders, Andy still has his good looks and Ryan well... were glad he has changed. I love my brothers very much and I hope they will forgive me for the next couple of weeks of reminiscing about our cooler days, I am hoping that this will inspire some courtship for Ryan. Luckily for Andy and I we are already married or we might not have been if our wives saw these pictures before we were married. If anyone is looking for a hot sexy date the man on the left is very available! Call for more details!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dod Sled Races

This morning we went to the IPSSSDR Dog Sled race that had a stop in Pinedale. It is the largest dog sled race in the lower 48 states and it stopped in
our little town! We went out early so that the kids could go and look at the dogs and sleds before the race started. It was a really fun thing for the kids to see up close. Some of the sled teams were even nice enough to let the kids pet their dogs that were waiting to race. We also got to see the trucks that the dogs traveled in. Once the race started, they let the dog teams go one at a time ever two minutes, starting with the slowest team. Each time the announcer would count down the last 15 seconds before a team would leave the kids(and dogs) would go crazy. Counting backwards is a signal to the dogs to prepare to race. The kids could not believe that they were that close to the action. After sitting out in the cold, we went into the local coffee shop to get a hot chocolate and all that the kids wanted was ice cream! Go figure! We took some time after that to walk the track and head home to warm up.