Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun~

We have had a busy past week. We went camping Monday-Wednesday for Ethan's Birthday. On Friday Dan's Uncle Jared and his family came and visited for the weekend. We had a really great time 4-wheeling and fishing on Friday and Saturday. We love it when people come and visit!
Happy Birthday Ethan!

Tiger's first swimming lesson.

Dan teaching Hailey how to cast her own fishing pole!

Ethan playing with the Cray fish.

Having fun at Meadow Lake.

Yum, Yum cray fish cooked and ready to eat!

Hailey riding Lainey's 4-wheeler

Hailey and Lainey in the dune buggy.

Ethan getting ready to ride.

I think that Ethan is in love, look at that smile!

Avery and Beau

Chris's big catch!

The family fishing

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy Birthday to Ethan! Today is Ethan's 2nd Birthday! Wow, how time flies. The past two years have been amazing and wonderful with Ethan. He is so sweet and loving to everyone he is around. But, he is all boy! We are going to have a little family party today and take the little tike fishing and camping for a couple of days.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To all of the great fathers that we are around, WE LOVE YOU. It is not often that you are all recognized for the great people that you are. So, we came up with the Stubbs Top 10 reasons we love the "fathers" in our lives.
10. You love us even when we do things that are stupid.
9. Even when you are no longer with us, you will still make a difference in who we are today.
8. You'll drive hours through the middle of the night just to make sure that we are doing okay.
7. You always do the right thing even if it is not the easiest.
6. You let us crawl in bed with you at night and snuggle even when mom does not want us to.(from Hailey)
5. A good wrestling match is never out of the question.
4. Long drives and long talks always when we need it.
3. Even if the house is dirty, playing is still more important.
2. We are your best friends.
1. No matter how old you get you will always be a kid at heart.

Broken or not broken?

Okay so before you look at these pictures I have to fill you in on the story behind them. It was one of those moments that you thought for a second, "maybe I shouldn't let them do this it sounds like a bad idea, someone is going to get hurt" before you let you children do something, but let them do it anyway. I was on the phone with a neighbor of mine and Hailey asked me if she could put a leash on Ethan and play doggy with him. I asked Ethan if he wanted to play doggy and he said yes. So, we clipped the leash onto Ethan's overalls on the metal clasp. At this moment I am thinking that this might be okay (who knows why). They were having so much fun together. They both were very into the game, commands and all. Ethan had sit, lay, shake, ect. perfectly. I thought that it was pretty cute because they were doing together what we do with Tiger. UNTIL, the "someone is going to get hurt" moment arrived. This is how it all went down, literally. Hailey told Ethan "let's go for a walk doggy." Ethan being the good pretend dog that he was being got right up, but instead of walking started running. Hailey (being a good dog trainer) said, "No doggy slow down" and gave the leash a little yank to slow him down. Well... the results were not so good. At that moment Ethan had made it into the kitchen on the hard floors. When Hailey pulled it yanked Ethan straight to the ground where he smacked his face on the floor. I immediately picked him up and found that his nose was bleeding and he was slightly surprised. There was a classic look on his face, "how did that happen, I did not intend that to be the end result." It was around nap time anyway, so I grabbed some ice and his blanky and went to the rocking chair. His nose stopped bleeding pretty quick and he fell asleep really fast. When he fell asleep his nose looked normal, but when he woke up it looked like this.

Note the swollen upper lip and the right side of his nose and eye that are swelling. I think that there will be more pictures to come as the black eyes emerge in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A hair cut with mom

For some reason this evening I decided to cut Ethan's hair all by myself. I am usually the one that does it, but Dan is always there as my trusty assistant. You know, to calm the tears and make Ethan happy. He absolutely hates getting his hair cut. We usually wait until it's absolutely necessary to do it. Anyway, it was getting out of control and I decided to do it alone because Dan was at Scouts tonight and the next couple of days were not looking great for getting assistance. I wish that I had a great before picture, but I did not think about taking a picture until I had made several swipes with the clippers and tears were flying.

After feeling guilty, I decided that I needed to do something to help him feel better because we were deep enough into the hair cut that we couldn't stop. So, I tried Nemo on the computer. That worked to get him to stop crying until I started to cut again. He then resorted to yelling at me, "NO,NO, mommy bad!" At that moment I was trying to get his hair wet with a comb and water because he wouldn't let me spray it with a spray bottle. He grabbed the water and started playing in it,"MINE,MINE" he said. So, I gave the water up in hope that it would occupy him. Soon there after Hailey decided that she also need a glass of water to play in that ended up on the floor in a million little pieces, on accident of course. Hailey with a cut toe and crying. All the while Ethan was occupied. Could I seize this moment of hair cutting peace??

After a 1.5 hour hair cut, a broken glass, bleeding toe and many tears, a bath was taken and the hair cut finally over. Ethan even smiled for a cute picture after his bath. I knew that I could conquer this on my own! What a cute little guy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Professional Artwork for sale

After we woke up this morning Hailey asked if she could draw some pictures. She is really into drawing "people" right now. They are very accurate and truly to scale as you will see below. The first picture that she brought to me was of Dan and I. The people are appropriately labeled (by Hailey herself)I thought that you might be humored by her expertise. While you are looking at them note the jagged edges of the pages. She cut the pictures out herself and was very proud of her product.

Note the 3 eyes on mom and the small stature of dad compared to mom. I also like how mom has no hair on her head. I really think that she mixed us up when she was writing our names. She then brought me the drawing below of Hailey and Ethan and said "look mom I drew a perfect picture of Ethan and I. I even got his short hair right. And look mom I am still the big sister and Ethan is little." I found that amusing because Ethan is not much smaller than her. I think that it was her way of letting us know that she is the "bigger" sister.

Next, she brought me a picture of Josh and Travis (2 of her uncles). I found this picture to be the best. Josh is the bigger of the two with what Hailey describes as "his big body, short hair and big eyes." She then proceeds to tell me that Travis is "smaller with glasses (that is what the extra lines under and between his eyes are supposed to be.) and long crazy girl hair."

After she brought me all 3 pictures she said "mom I think that we should take these to the grocery store and sell them, they are amazing!"